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How To Earn Your Seat At The Table

Some time ago, I used to follow my sister to choir practice out of boredom. We grew up in an Anglican Church and you know hymns are a big deal in an Anglican Church.

Usually, I would just play around while they continued with their rehearsals because I knew I couldn’t sing to save a life (mine inclusive).

It turned out our church would be hosting other churches in a program, hence, the need to draft in more choristers and do more rehearsals. The church contacted a choir director from outside who took over the leadership of the choir.

The man came and mandated all youths to do voice test. It was during the voice test that he discovered me. In all his years of experience as a choir director he had never been that confused. My case was critical, I don’t fit in anywhere.

He reluctantly told me to join the tenor singers and warned me never to sing out loud. Apparently they needed me just for the numbers.

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